FEE STRUCTURE 2017 - 2018


Application fee - 100

  • *Registration done online does not reserve the seat. Admission has to be taken within 4 days of email notification received from school after online registration.
  • Admission Entrance test is mandatory from KG II onwards. (Syllabus can be collected from the Reception OR from the school website)
  • 1 Passport size photograph of the child is compulsorily required for assessment test.
  • Uniform, Books & Stationary to be purchased separately from the school store.
  • School Transport is based upon the availability to your location. The transport form to be signed by Transport supervisor before taking admission.
CLASS KG1 & KG 2 Grade 1 Onwards
ADMISSION FEES( One time) 200 200
ANNUAL FEES( Includes Activity, Medical, Diary, ID Card& R.F .ID) 550 800
Total fees 1050 1000

Tuition fee for 10 months

(April to June)
2nd TERM
(Sep to Dec)
3rd TERM
(Jan to Mar)
 KG I- KG II 1500 2000 1500
 I- IV 1650 2200 1650
 V- VII 1800 2400 1800

Transportation fee for 10 months

(April to June)
2nd TERM
(Sep to Dec)
3rd TERM
(Jan to Mar)
 AJMAN 540 720 540
750 1000 750
 SHARJAH ROLLA 675 900 675
900 1200 900
 UMM AL QUWAIN 750 1000 750

MOE age criteria is specified below: The child should meet the below age criteria as of 31st July 2017

 KG1          -   4 years to 5years  Grade 3  -  8 years to 10 years  Grade 7      - 12 years to 14 years
 KG2          -   5 years to 6 years  Grade 4  -  9 years to 11 years  Grade 8      - 13 years to 15 years
 Grade 1     -   6 years to 8 years    Grade 5  -  10 years to 12 years  Grade 9      - 14 years to 16 years
 Grade 2     -   7 years to 9 years    Grade 6  -  11 years to 13 years Grade 10  - 15 years to 17 years


  1. Copy of the Student’s passport with stamped visa page
  2. Copy of Student’s Emirates ID
  3. Six recent passport size photographs of the child
  4. Copy of the Birth Certificate
  5. Copy of the Vaccination Card/ Fitness certificate/ Student health file of the previous school (Only for KG1, KGII & Grade 1)
    Health file from the previous school if the child has studied earlier in UAE( For all grades)
  6. Copy of the Sponsor’s Passport with stamped visa page
  7. Copy of sponsor’s emirates ID
  8. (For KG1 to Grade I)- If studied earlier within UAE- Original TC, Annual Report card
    &SIS No.from the previous school OR
    ORIGINAL Emirates IDof the student for SIS Registration ( If Not registered in SIS earlier)
  9. (Grade 2 onwards) Photocopy of the Mark Sheet/ Annual Report card of the last examination passed at the previous school.
  10. (Grade 2 onwards) Original Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended as per the guidelines given below:-
    • For students coming from outside UAE, the following order of the attestation must be observed for the Transfer Certificate.
      • The TC must be in English Language.
      • The TC must be countersigned by the Educational authority of the respective country. District Education Officer (for State / Matriculation Schools) / Zonal or Regional Officer (for CBSE / ICSE schools)
      • Embassy or Consulate in UAE of the country where TC was issued.
      • UAE Foreign Affairs.
    • Students coming from within UAE are required to submit the SIS No,Original Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended, attested by the Ministry of Education for the Emirate (for other than Ajman Zone Schools).

PLEASE NOTE: Original PASSPORT, EMIRATES ID, and REPORT CARD to be presented at the time of admission

  • The documents will be forwarded to the Ministry of Education for their verification and approval.
  • If the parent fails to submit the required documents on time as per his/her undertaking, the Admission stands cancelled. The school will not be responsible if the admission is not approved by the Ministry Of Education due to non-submission of required documents/ invalid or improper documents. The child will not be treated as a bonafide student.
  • For KG1, KG2 & Grade 1, If the student has already qualified a particular class within or outside UAE but doesn’t meet the MOE‘s age criteria will be eligible for admission for the promoted class only after submitting the annual report card & attested Original TC ( as mentioned above in points 9 & 10). However, the admission is subject to approval from MOE. School reserves the right to cancel the admission in case of non-approval from MOE.

I, hereby declare that I have read through the admission procedure and document requirements carefully.